Welcome to my new website

I never intended building a new web site but purely by chance one thing led to another and here it is!

It started by chance

Back in early May 2008, I was busy adding more Metcalfe's to my Reunion 9 Mac genealogy database when for a break I decided to have a look around the ReunionTalk Forum to see if anything interesting had been posted. I came across a thread that mentioned TNG - something I knew nothing about so I decided to have a further look. Turns out that TNG stands for "The Next Generation" and is an absolutely fantastic genealogy package that allows you to display your family tree on a website using a mySQL database server and dynamic php web pages - no more boring static HTML. If you want to find out more about TNG and the fantastic work that Darrin Lythgoe has done visit The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding

Then Joomla! happened

‚ÄčWhile getting familiar with TNG and what it could do for my family history website, I stumbled across an article on the TNG forum that mentioned Joomla! - something else I knew nothing about. Joomla! is an open source content management system that lets you build dynamic websites and manage their content, all through a simple user interface - I was hooked.

It took many months to fully understand what could be done with Joomla! and the website framework evolved slowly over time. Many months later and many late nights getting everything into place and this is the result - Metcalfe World - a new home for all my family related work. That was back in late 2008 and at the time I was hoping to get two significant parts of the website in place; a photo gallery and a forum. Both of these components were being re-written by the Joomla! developer community so I decided to wait and include them before launching the website.

Well, development took a little longer than planned, most of 2009 in fact! I was also busy with other things so my work on the website took a break. In early 2010, development reached the point where I could add a gallery and forum to the website and my interest has been re-kindled.

Now to grow the content

This is just the beginning, I will be busy through 2010 adding more content to the website and more records to my family tree. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and benefit from what you see so far.

My Best,