Genealogy is most effective and enjoyable when research is collaborative and information freely shared. I'm content with any credit due for my research on the most recent generations of my family tree but this is a small piece of the overall family tree jigsaw and without the tremendous efforts of the people openly acknowledged here, it would be a much smaller tree than you see today. These people have given generously the fruits of their labours, much of it conducted over many years and by including their work in my family tree I hope that, in some small way, through the use of TNG genealogy software we can repay their efforts and unlock the benefits of their research for all to see and interact with more effectively.​

Leverton family branch

All the Leverton family records prior to my Nana Ethel Mary Leverton on my father's side of the family have been provided by Stu Francis from his incredible Leverton genealogy website. There seems little point at this stage in my genealogy research in repeating the work that Stu has meticulously carried out over the last 30 years. One day I intend to put more detail on the most recent Leverton generations but for now, thanks to Stu, I can focus on other less well researched areas of my family tree. 

Ogdon family branch

I came across the efforts of Tom Ogdon while researching my Ogdon family history on John Palmer's excellent Wirksworth Parish Records website. Thanks to Tom I have been able to link my Ogdon family back to Francis OGDEN (OAKEDEN) who died Abt. 1714 in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England. 

Metcalfe family branch

The Metcalfe Society has published an excellent book titled "Metcalfe - History Of The Clan" and I have been able to link my Metcalfe family tree into Branch 27 on page 184.

Paul Furness has very kindly provided me with details of the descendants of Percival Metcalfe, born 1735 in Middlesmoor, Yorkshire, England. Paul's tree connects through Percival's son William and mine descends through his daughter Mary. 

LEVERTON family branch
OGDON family branch