2018 will be the year for Family History!

2018 will be the year for Family History! Back in 2004, I started to use Reunion for Mac to record the family history I inherited from my Nana. In 2006, I created my second family history website using iLife '06 for Mac - I've no idea what I used to create the first! 2006-2008 saw some significant progress on the family tree, with the 1000th member...
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METCALFE family branch

A brief history of the Metcalfe clan  The following account of the history of the Metcalfe clan has been put together from various sources. Unfortunately the story varies slightly according to the teller or recorder, but the main theme runs through all the accounts. The Metcalfe, Metcalf or Medcalfe clan originated in Dentdale. There were two ...
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LEVERTON family branch

The LEVERTON family of Nottinghamshire originates from the North and South Leverton villages near East Retford. There are many early references to the LEVERTON name around the Newark area, but all the surviving branches of the family can be traced back to ROBERT LEVERTON who was buried at Weston in 1579. In the early 17th century a branch of the fa...
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Genealogy is most effective and enjoyable when research is collaborative and information freely shared. I'm content with any credit due for my research on the most recent generations of my family tree but this is a small piece of the overall family tree jigsaw and without the tremendous efforts of the people openly acknowledged here, it would be a ...
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OGDON family branch

Ogdens of Wirksworth, Derbyshire ​Oakden, Oakenden, Hogden, Ogden, Ogdon. The Surname variations are mainly because Church Clerics tended to write the name down as they heard it spoken to them. Also many people were illiterate and couldn't write their name properly. Oakden is probably the correct name and is of SAXON origin. Most scholars agree tha...
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A New Beginning...

Welcome to my new website I never intended building a new web site but purely by chance one thing led to another and here it is! It started by chance Back in early May 2008, I was busy adding more Metcalfe's to my Reunion 9 Mac genealogy database when for a break I decided to have a look around the ReunionTalk Forum to see if anything interesting h...
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Leverton Genealogy

The Genealogy website for Levertons Stu Roberts has been researching the LEVERTON surname for over 35 years and his fantastic genealogy website really is a labour of love (read obsession!). Using his website I managed to link my nana on my father's side of the family - Ethel Mary LEVERTON into the Nottingham branch of the LEVERTON family. The LEVER...
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The Next Generation of...

Genealogy Sitebuilding It was purely by chance that I came across TNG and I hope you will agree that my family tree experience is more involved as a result. I like the way it allows you to move quickly and easily around the tree, see the relationships between people and gain access to information about them - interactively. The Next Generation of G...
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New Zealand

Walter Metcalfe Emigrated to New Zealand on 22 October 1902, aged 17 years. Departed from London, England and arrived at Wellington, New Zealand stopping at Cape Town, South Africa on route. Also stopped at Hobart, Tasmania. Voyage took 68 days. Sailed on the R.M.S. Gothic of the Shaw Savill & Albion Co Limited steamship line, registered office...
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Edgar Louis Ogdon, Ada Ogdon (nee Bryan), Guy Robert Ogdon, Donald Ogdon and Charles Ian Ogdon Emigrated to Argentina on 20 February 1913, aged 21 years with wife Ada, aged 18 years. Departed from Dover, England and arrived at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Voyage took 28 days. Sailed on the S.S. Highland Corrie of the Nelson line, under Master P M Jacob...
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Newspaper cuttings added

Various newspaper cuttings collected by Philip Charles Williams.

Pax Magna Lodge Freemasons

Various documents from the Pax Magna Lodge No. 3916, Freemasons' Hall, West Bridgford.


#1 Genealogy software for the Mac I started creating my family tree using Reunion 7 for Mac and over the years have upgraded through the versions to Reunion 9. I reckon it's the best family tree software available! What is Reunion? Reunion is a genealogy software program, a "family tree program", for the Macintosh. Reunion received the highest rati...
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Beeston Boys' Brigade documents added

Various documents relating to activities of the Beeston Boys' Brigade taken from the collection of Philip Charles Williams, leader of the Beeston Boys' Brigade.

General Collection added

Photographs that don't have a home in any particular collection.

School 50th reunion

Bramcote Hills Grammar School 50th Reunion Bramcote Hill Grammar School held its 50th Reunion on Saturday 2nd September 2006. If you went to BHGS Nottingham then why not take a look at my Flickr photo album for trip down memory lane and remember what for many of us were the happiest days of our lives. A brief history of the school Carlton-le-Willow...
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The Metcalfe Society

The Genealogy website for Metcalfes The Metcalfe Society is the only society to join if you are interested in Metcalfe Family History research.  Founded in 1980, The Metcalfe Society today stands in the forefront of the world of Genealogy as one of the largest and most respected one-name study groups, with almost 1,500 members past and present...
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UK and Ireland Genealogy Useful guide for anyone interested in UK and Ireland genealogy. Well worth a look. The aim of GENUKI is to serve as a "virtual reference library" of genealogical information that is of particular relevance to the UK & Ireland. It is a noncommercial service, provided by an ever-growing group of volunteers in cooperation ...
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Wirksworth Parish Records

​Wirksworth - A Millennium One-Place-Study website The Wirksworth Parish Records website is an absolutely fabulous research tool for anyone who has ancestors that lived in Wirksworth. I've found it invaluable for researching the Ogdon's family history. All credit to John Palmer of Poole, Dorset who has spent many years creating the website. The Gen...
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What's the history of my surname? Ancestry.co.uk really is an excellent website. I have a monthly subscription (currently £9.95) and I have used the site for searching all the census returns from 1841 to 1901. Well worth a look. I have imported my family tree to Ancestry using the GEDCOM file available from this website so that others may cross ref...
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