2018 will be the year for Family History!


2018 will be the year for Family History!

Back in 2004, I started to use Reunion for Mac to record the family history I inherited from my Nana. In 2006, I created my second family history website using iLife '06 for Mac - I've no idea what I used to create the first!

2006-2008 saw some significant progress on the family tree, with the 1000th member added. I also scanned and restored most of the family photos I had been loaned using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

2010 saw the introduction of TNG software, allowing the family tree website to be created using a database and dynamic 'on-the-fly' HTML web pages - a massive improvement for the user and also much less maintenance for me.

After 2011, progress on the website and family history pretty much came to a halt due to other commitments and in 2014 the website was hacked and taken down.

Fast-forward to 2017 and following interest from the family in my family history and website, I decided that it was time to get back into it. Over the Christmas break, I built a brand new family history and family tree website, completed the restoration of the remaining photos I have and re-processed all the previous photos in Adobe Lightroom CC to make them look better.

I'll be renewing my Ancestry.co.uk membership and intend to fill in the missing information on the more recent side of my Dad's family.

There are currently just under 2000 members on the family tree and hopefully family members will lend their support and review recent generations of the tree they're familiar with - so it can be updated during 2018.

2018 will be the year for Family History!

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