LEVERTON family branch


The LEVERTON family of Nottinghamshire originates from the North and South Leverton villages near East Retford. There are many early references to the LEVERTON name around the Newark area, but all the surviving branches of the family can be traced back to ROBERT LEVERTON who was buried at Weston in 1579.

In the early 17th century a branch of the family moved to Tithby and later in the same century another branch moved to Mansfield. The family is now scattered Worldwide.The earliest record of the LEVERTON name that Stu Roberts has found in Nottinghamshire, is HENRY and RICHARD de LEVERTON who were ordained acolytes, at Blyth, 20 Sep 1273, and ALAN de LEVERTON, who took a doe in Clipstone Park on 5 May 1279, with a red greyhound, for which he was commited to gaol, and redeemed for half a mark (6/8d or 33p).

(Extract reproduced from Stu Roberts' Leverton Genealogy website)

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