OGDON family branch


Ogdens of Wirksworth, Derbyshire

​Oakden, Oakenden, Hogden, Ogden, Ogdon.

The Surname variations are mainly because Church Clerics tended to write the name down as they heard it spoken to them. Also many people were illiterate and couldn't write their name properly. Oakden is probably the correct name and is of SAXON origin. Most scholars agree that Oakden means 'a place under the Oak trees' in a forest.

The Ogdens were originally in Kent and surrounding areas for a few hundred years prior to the Norman invasion in 1066. William the Conqueror rewarded his ally DE MONTFORT by giving him all the lands around and where the Saxons were living. A lot of Ogdens moved to Northern Counties especially Rochdale, Lancashire, and where today there is still a place named OGDEN and a large reservoir constructed in more recent times and named OGDEN RESERVOIR.

It is not clear in which century the Ogdens arrived in Wirksworth but it is several hundred years ago, and well before the Parish Registers began in 1608. Tom Ogdon's Wirksworth Pedigree begins in troubled times i.e. after the 'Battle of Chesterfield' and the 'Civil War' and the eventual restoration of Charles 2nd. The early Ogdens were Miners, Labourers and little else is recorded about their occupations. In the late 18th Century and on until the end of the 19th Century the Ogdens were mainly Butchers, and Inn & Tavern keepers in Wirksworth.

(Extract reproduced from Tom Ogdon's Ogdon Pedigree contributed to the Wirksworth Parish Records website)

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