#1 Genealogy software for the Mac

I started creating my family tree using Reunion 7 for Mac and over the years have upgraded through the versions to Reunion 9. I reckon it's the best family tree software available!

What is Reunion?

Reunion is a genealogy software program, a "family tree program", for the Macintosh.

Reunion received the highest rating for genealogy software in MacWorld, MacAddict, and Mac Home Journal magazines. Reunion also received a MacWorld Editor's Choice award.

Reunion helps you to document, store, and display information about your family, your ancestors, descendants, cousins, etc. It records names, dates, places, facts, plenty of notes, sources of information, pictures, sounds, and videos. It shows family relationships in an elegant, graphic form, people and families are linked in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Reunion makes it easy to publish your family tree information, even if you want to share it on the Web or carry it on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can automatically create common genealogy reports, charts, and forms, as well as birthday calendars, mailing lists, questionnaires, indexes, and other lists. Reunion even creates slideshows, calculates relationships, ages, life expectancies, and statistics.

Reunion also creates large, graphic tree charts allowing complete on-screen editing of boxes, lines, fonts, and colors. Wall charts for family reunions are one of its specialties. 

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