The Metcalfe Society


The Genealogy website for Metcalfes

The Metcalfe Society is the only society to join if you are interested in Metcalfe Family History research. Founded in 1980, The Metcalfe Society today stands in the forefront of the world of Genealogy as one of the largest and most respected one-name study groups, with almost 1,500 members past and present, home and overseas.

It is dedicated to supporting anyone interested in their Metcalfe (and all spelling variants) family history and acts as the principal link between branches in the home country and those settled worldwide. Within the website you will find information on the many projects undertaken by The Society, as well as snippets from other Metcalfe researchers around the world. The Society is a registered charity run by a few dedicated volunteers in their spare time. The officers of The Society endeavour to provide a quality service to members and non-members to the best of their ability.

The Metcalfe Society Computer Index

The Computer Index was begun as a card index in 1980 by the first President, Helen Offer, and eventually held over 20,000 cards. This became too unwieldy and difficult to transport so the decision was taken in 1989 to "computerise". The society used, and still do, IBM PC's and IBM Filing Assistant to hold details of over 80,000 individuals which are taken from family trees, parish registers, census returns etc.

Individual entries, which may have multiple sources, contain all known facts such as Christian names, birth/baptism/marriage and death details etc.

In August 2009 the mammoth task of converting the information in over 102,000 individual records was completed and uploaded to their website, making the entire database searchable online by members. This joins the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Wills databases to offer members another valuable online resource for researching their family history. 

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