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It was purely by chance that I came across TNG and I hope you will agree that my family tree experience is more involved as a result. I like the way it allows you to move quickly and easily around the tree, see the relationships between people and gain access to information about them - interactively.

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding ("TNG") is a powerful way to manage and display your genealogy data on the Internet, all without generating a single page of HTML. Instead, your information is stored in MySQL database tables and dynamically displayed in attractive fashion with PHP (a scripting language).

Other genealogy website tools create a set of finished ("static") HTML pages, sometimes one for each person in your file. You may end up with hundreds or thousands of web pages to upload and maintain! What if you have changes in your data? Sorry, you'll need to recreate and reload all of those pages all over again. What if you don't like how they look? If you can't figure out how to manipulate the program then your only other choice is to make the changes to each of the thousands of pages yourself. Good luck!

TNG uses a database to create your pages dynamically, as they're requested. That means no huge load of pages to create and upload each time you have a change, and if you want to tweak the look and feel, you do it in one location and it's done for the entire site!

If you want to find out more about TNG then visit The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding website and see the excellent work that Darrin Lythgoe has done.

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